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Bi Colour LED

Bi Colour LED
Will Be Discontinued When Stock Sold
Bi Colour LED

Bi Colour Red / Yellow LED 3mm diameter.

  • Forward Voltage 2 Volts
  • Clear Lens
  • Forward current: 20mA (typical)


These LEDs are 2 wire dual colour. Basically there are 2 LEDs in the same package wired back to back with the colour changing depending on the polarity of the supply.


All LEDs are tested prior to dispatch.

If a supply voltage greater than 2 volts is to be used then a suitable series resistor MUST be used.

A suitable series resistor is available HERE please refer to the table below:-

Supply VoltageLED voltageResistanceCurrent (approximately)Power rating
3.3V2V68 Ohm20mA0.25W
3V15 Ohm20mA0.25W
5V2V150 Ohm20mA0.25W
3V100 Ohm20mA0.25W
6V2V220 Ohm20mA0.25W
3V150 Ohm20mA0.25W
9V2V390 Ohm19mA0.25W
3V330 Ohm20mA0.25W
12V2V510 Ohm20mA0.5W
3V470 Ohm20mA0.5W

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