Capacitor 100 Nf

Capacitor 100 Nf

100Nf Capacitor, ideal for motor electrical noise supression when the motor is being used with either a radio control system or an electronic (PWM) speed controller.

  • Capacitance : 100nF
  • Case Style : Radial
  • Body Diameter : 5mm
  • Operating Temperature Range : -25°C to +80°C
  • Voltage Rating : 50V

Wiring Diagrams

A single capacitor can be wired across the two terminals of the motor as shown below.

For better electrical noise suppression it is recomended that three capacitors are used, with one capacitor being wired across the two terminals of the motor and with a single capacitor being wired from each motor terminals to the body of the motor, as shown below.

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