Carbon film resistors sutable for connecting in series with a single 2 volt or 3 volt LED to run it off a higher voltage supply.

Please Note:

The resistors for the 3.3, 5, 6 and 9 Volt supply are 1/4 Watt 5% tolerance.

The resistors for the 12 Volt supply are 1/2 Watt 1% tolerance.

Please select the resistor value for the LED and voltage required from the table below:-

Supply VoltageLED voltageResistanceCurrent (approximately)Power rating
3.3V2V68 Ohm20mA0.25W
3V15 Ohm20mA0.25W
5V2V150 Ohm20mA0.25W
3V100 Ohm20mA0.25W
6V2V220 Ohm20mA0.25W
3V150 Ohm20mA0.25W
9V2V390 Ohm19mA0.25W
3V330 Ohm20mA0.25W
12V2V510 Ohm20mA0.5W
3V470 Ohm20mA0.5W

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