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Track Curves

A set of 4 track curves designed to fit between the rails of Peco Flexitrack to pre-set either the..

Track Spacer New

Track Spacer

A set of 3 track spacers designed to fit between the rails of Peco SM32 gauge flexitrack to accura..

WD Squat Arrow Logo New

WD Squat Arrow Logo

A set of card stencils with the WD squat arrow logo Size 44mm Wide x 16mm High with a letter height ..



Size 32mm x 12mm Pack of 2..


Whistle W

Size 20mm x 20mm Pack of 2..

Yard Wagon New

Yard Wagon

Yard wagons were general purpose wagons used in the quarry to transport anything that need..

Ye Olde Thunder Box New

Ye Olde Thunder Box

Give your PW gang some light relief with this traditional thunder box type of portable loo. Made fro..