Electronic Components

Electronic Components

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2.1mm Charger Socket

Single hole fixing chassis mounting socket as used for connecting standard chargers.Mounting hole di..


Bi Colour LED

Bi Colour Red / Yellow LED 3mm diameter.Forward Voltage 2 VoltsClear LensForward current: 20mA (typi..


Capacitor 100 Nf

100Nf Capacitor, ideal for motor electrical noise supression when the motor is being used with eithe..


Chassis Fuse Holder

Chassis fuse holder and cover to take 5mm x 20mm fuses...


DPDT Centre OFF Toggle Switch

DPDT (Double Pole Double Throw ON/OFF/ON) Center Off , Latching Action 3 position Toggle Switch. Ide..


DPDT Mini Slide Switch

DPDT (Double Pole Double Throw) Mini Slide Switch. Ideal for Forward - Reverse control of manual loc..


Flickering Led

Flickering LED 3mm diameter with water clear lens.Forward Voltage (V) : 2 Volts for Red, Yellow and..



Quick blow, glass tube fast acting 5mm x 20mm fuses. Various values...


Grain of Wheat Bulbs

Subminiature "grain of wheat" 3mm dia. 12 volt lamps with insulated 120mm wire leads.Available in Wh..


Inline Fuse Holder

Screw type Inline fuse holder to take 5mm x 20mm fuses.50mm long x 10mm diameter with 100mm long lea..

JST Connector New

JST Connector

JST connector available as Male (Plug, Left) or Female (Socket, Right) as shown in the picture below..


Manual PWM Speed Controller 5 Amp

Manual PWM speed controller.Model: ZS-X4B Operating voltage: DC 3 V- 35 V Control power: 90 W (Max) ..


PP3 Battery Connector

PP3 9V Battery Connector Clip Tinned Wire Leads 150mm long...

Push Button Switch New

Push Button Switch

ON/OFF SPST Momentary Push Button Switch with Normally Open Contacts.Available with a Black, White, ..


Red Flashing LED

Red Flashing LED 3mm diameter. Forward Voltage 2 VoltsFlash..

Red Flashing LED 12 Volt Out Of Stock

Red Flashing LED 12 Volt

Red Flashing LED 5mm diameter 12 Volt. Forward Voltage 12 V..



Carbon film resistors sutable for connecting in series with a single 2 volt or 3 volt LED to run it ..


Servo Extention Lead

3 wire servo extention lead 180mm long with standard type male and female connectors...


Standard LEDs 3mm Dia.

Standard LED 3mm diameter.Forward Voltage (V) : 2 Volts for Red Orange and YellowForward Voltage (..


Standard LEDs 5mm Dia.

Standard LED 5mm diameter.Forward Voltage (V) : 2 Volts for Red Orange and YellowForward Voltage (..